Dundee United Football Club has announced it has appointed MTC as its Digital Partner from July 2017.

The Dundee-based web development company has been working closely with the Club in conducting a full review of the existing website ahead of a complete relaunch, expected in August 2017.

Dundee United and MTC have developed a fan-focused strategy with supporter experience at the heart of the transformation that will be taking place. The new website, offering fans greater access, featuring the latest news, interviews and videos, is easily viewed on all types of devices, from large desktop screens to mobile phones and tablets as it is fully responsive.

The new website will also make it simpler to buy tickets, purchase hospitality and shop online as well as bring Dundee United’s subscription website ArabZONE within the main site.

Managing Director of MTC, Mike Callachan, said, “We are delighted to have been appointed the digital partner for Dundee United FC. The new website will greatly enhance what fans can expect in terms of the online presence for the Club. We hope to keep Dundee United FC at the forefront of the latest web and mobile technologies, ensuring the Club can maximise its opportunities online through increased engagement with fans.”

Head of Communications at Dundee United FC, Joe Rice, added: “The nature of the ever-changing digital media landscape required that we needed to find a partner who has a strong reputation for website development – one that would improve the digital experience for United supporters.

“Ultimately this is about ensuring a more satisfying experience for our fans but beyond this, we also looked for a company that can help us grow our branding, e-commerce and marketing reach. We will continue to look at the various ways to make interacting with the Club digitally more enjoyable when visiting our website and other digital platforms and believe that along with MTC we can continue to develop and improve our digital reach over the coming years”.

Source : Dundee United