Fleetwood Town FC has announced that PAS have become the club’s new Hydration Partner.

Head of Commercial, Martin Booker, said: “We are delighted to link up with PAS as our Hydration Partner. Working with our new Sports Scientist, James Barrow, we have developed a fantastic opportunity to provide the players with all the right match day hydration they need.

“The deal also means that the isotonic drinks the players use on match days will be available for the football community via our training ground at Poolfoot Farm which is a fantastic development for our fans and customers to the site.”

Managing Director at PAS, Jon Williams, added: “We would like to thank Fleetwood Town for choosing PAS and Pro Iso as the isotonic drink to fuel the team’s performance.

“We will also supply the training ground with Pro Zero, a sugar free electrolyte drink which is a great alternative for young athletes when looking to avoid the sugars found in isotonic drinks.

“It is important to understand that isotonic drinks can have a benefit in delaying fatigue in games, but outside of this then sugar free options and plain water are better choices. All the PAS products are Informed Sport registered which means they are batch tested for player safety.”

Source : Fleetwood Town FC