Burnley FC partner with TeleTrade

Burnley Football Club has announced a partnership with online broker TeleTrade, who proudly become the Official Forex Trading Sponsor of Burnley FC.

Director of Teletrade Europe, Andreas Samatas, commented: “It is truly a cause for celebration to have the chance to work with a historic football club that shares the same principles of Responsibility and Excellence.

“Burnley Football Club, known for being one of the smaller football  clubs ever to be playing in the most competitive league in the world, the Premier League, has demonstrated that persistence and hard work can get you to the top of your League.

“Their example is inspiring both for us and our traders, as we strive day in, day out to provide the best possible services for our traders to succeed in the fierce and exciting world of the financial markets.

Anthony Fairclough, of Burnley FC, added: “This is a first for Burnley Football Club, having struck a deal with a Foreign Exchange Company and we are proud to have finalised yet another International Partner.

It demonstrates the global platform we now find ourselves on and TeleTrade can take full advantage of our world presence and the billion households the Premier League transmits to.

“This is a deal that will take us to December 2018 and hopefully many years beyond.”

Source : Burnley FC

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